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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Painter in the City of Fort Worth

If you are trying to sell your house in Fort Worth, a new paint may not only help to get it sold quickly but also add two to five percent premium on the price. Even if you are not selling, a professionally completed painting will help boost your home's curb appeal and protect it against the weather. When you are in search of an experienced painter in Fort Worth, it is recommended to ask the following questions to pick the best hand for the job:

Are You Licensed to Practice as a Painter in the City of Fort Worth?

In Fort Worth, individuals and businesses that offer construction-related services are generally required to register annually with the city government. Failure to satisfy this requirement is considered a violation of the city's Building Administrative Code and can attract $500 and $2,000 per day if the offense persists. Unlicensed contracting can also result in other consequences, including the city authority issuing a stop-work order or refraining from approving the building for use. However, property owners can perform construction work on their structures without a license. But such work must be in line with the city's Building Code.

Local contractor registration in Fort Worth, handled by the city's Development Service Department. To become a registered building contractor in the city, applicants are required to submit a completed Contractor Registration Application either via email or mail it in at

Development Services Department
200 Texas StreetFort Worth, Texas 76102

You can verify the registration status of your prospective painter in Fort Worth by searching the painter's information on the city's Citizen Access Portal.

In addition to local registration, performing some kinds of painting requires certain certification. For example, it is necessary for painters that work on homes built before 1978 to be certified by the EPA to carry out lead-safe paintwork. For more information on the license requirement and processing for painters in Fort Worth, you can also contact the department by calling (817) 392-2222. Likewise, for inquiries on the Fort Worth lead-safe program, call (817) 392-7444.

How Much Do You Charge Compared to Other Painters in the City of Fort Worth?

The cost of hiring a painter in Fort Worth depends on several factors, including the size and nature of the project, the type of building, the cost of materials needed for the project, the amount of labor required, and the square footage to be painted. It is always a good idea to accept bids from at least three painters and compare their estimates to get a reasonable idea of what your project entails. This can also help you in picking a legitimate painter that matches your budget.

The table below provides the hourly mean wage of painters in the City of Fort Worth and compares this with the wages of painters in other parts of Texas and several other major cities in the United States:

Fort Worth Painters Mean Hourly Wage
Texas State Painters Mean Hourly Wage
Los Angeles Painters Mean Hourly Wage
Chicago Painters Mean Hourly Wage
Dallas Painters Mean Hourly Wage
Washington D.C. Painters Mean Hourly Wage
Detroit Painters Mean Hourly Wage
Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

What Kind of Painting Services Do You Offer?

Painters in Fort Worth offer a wide range of services, including interior painting, exterior painting, wallpaper removal, staining, metal door painting, and power washing. It is essential to hire a painter that is skilled in the type of service you require. This is so considering that while some may be able to perform all of the services mentioned, others may just choose to just specialize in certain aspects. Likewise, some might only perform painting on certain types of structures which can be either residential buildings or commercial and industrial structures. As such, it is always a good idea to ask your prospective painters about their area of specialization. This would give you a level of clarity as to whether the painter is properly trained and equipped to take on your kind of task.

Below are cost estimates of typical painting projects and services in the City of Fort Worth:

Interior house painting or staining
$1.54 - $2.88 per square foot
Exterior house painting or staining
$1.62 - $3.17 per square foot
Faux painting
$1 - $6 per square foot (for plaster)
Faux painting
$1.82 - $3.72 per square foot (for basic textures)
Faux painting
$4 - $7 per square foot (for paper and stencils)
Faux painting
$5 - $8 per square foot (for wood grain and stria)
Faux painting
$5 - $8 per square foot (for marbling)
Faux painting
$4 - $8 per square foot (for metallic)
Paint color consultation
$20 - $50
Paint removal
$1.00 - $2.25 per square foot
Texture painting
$26 - $28 per hour

Do You Carry the Necessary Insurance Policy for Painters in the City of Fort Worth?

There are several unexpected hazards or accidents that can occur during a painting project. These include slips, trips, and falls. The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics recorded that 96 of such occurrences led to fatal injuries in several workplaces in Texas in 2019. Therefore, it is always a good idea to hire a painter that has an insurance policy that covers workplace injuries. This will ensure that you are not required to shoulder liability for unforeseeable work occurrences.

While there is no insurance requirement directly applicable to painters in Fort Worth, you can consider holding your painter to the standards of other professions like HVAC contractors, plumbers, and electricians. As a road map to what to expect for your painter, it is mandatory for electricians in Fort Worth to have an active liability insurance cover of at least $300,000 per occurrence of property damage and bodily injury. You can also contact the city's Development Service Department to inquire what range of insurance is reasonable for a painter in the city. The department's phone line is (817) 392-2222. Finally, always ensure that you verify the insurance cover of your prospective painter by contacting the company offering it.

How to File a Complaint Against a Bad Painter in the City of Fort Worth

Hiring a painter in Fort Worth requires some due diligence on your part. Many times, unscrupulous individuals and companies can disguise themselves as legitimate contractors to defraud unsuspecting residents. For example, in 2018, a Fort Worth contractor was arrested for receiving over $10,000 for remodeling projects and absconded without performing the agreed works. Other home improvement scams include price gouging, contracting without the relevant license or certification, and performing low-quality works that would require repair soon. Taking note of the following tips can significantly reduce your chances of falling for a contractor scam in Fort Worth.

  • Ensure that your painter has the requisite license or certification to perform your work. For information on the city's licensing requirement, call the Development Service Department at (800) 803-9202. Similarly, local contractor licenses can be searched on the city's Citizen Access Portal.
  • Ask for references, including past clients. Ensure that you contact the past client to know more about the painter's mode of operation. Reluctance to provide references might signify that the painter has not been providing satisfactory services.
  • Avoid contracting with painters that show up at your door unsolicited to offer their services.
  • Always require a written contract that includes all details of the work to be done.
  • Ensure that you understand every term of a contract before signing it. It is also a good idea to engage the services of a qualified attorney to review the contract on your behalf.
  • Do not make large down payments and only make final payments after all stages of the work have been completed and you are satisfied with it
  • Never pay your painter in cash. Also, ensure that you keep a record of all proof of payments
  • Do not give in to pressure tactics. Never rush into making decisions about your project
  • Before picking a painter to work with, accept bids and estimates from at least three others. Comparing these bids would give you a reasonable idea of the cost and scope of your project

In case you happen to still fall victim to an unscrupulous painter in Fort Worth, the Texas Attorney General's Office receives complaints against contractors in the city. Residents can file complaints online, by calling (800) 621-0508, or by mailing a completed Consumer Complaint Form (also available in Spanish) to

Office of the Attorney General
Consumer Protection Division
P.O. Box 12548
Austin, TX 78711-2548