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How to Verify a Professional's License in Pearland?

Professionals in Pearland are regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR), which issues licenses to over 35 different professional categories. When embarking on a project, hiring a licensed professional is a good way to ensure that your project will meet the minimum acceptable standards for that job. To verify that the professional you intend to hire is properly licensed, you can conduct a search on the TDLR license Data Search portal.

In addition to hiring a licensed professional, some projects also have statutory requirements which you must fulfill before you begin. If you intend to build a new structure, remodel an existing structure or carry out similar construction or home improvement-related projects, you will need to obtain a permit from the Pearland Permits and Inspections Division. For inquiries on what permits are required and how to obtain permits, you may contact the division at (281) 652-1638.

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Do Pearland Neighborhood Councils
Issue Permits?

No, Pearland City neighborhood associations and groups do not have the authority to issue permits to residents or businesses within the city. These groups help residents maintain contact with the city's government to drive programs that are beneficial to their neighborhoods and lend their voice to initiatives that would improve the lives of residents across the entire city. An example of one of these initiatives coming to life is the improvement of Highway 228 road, which runs from Magnolia Parkway to Broadway Street, by the addition of a frontage road to be completed in December 2021. The project, which is estimated to cost about $6.5 million, will be paid for entirely by Pearland and it is believed that it will aid mobility and improve access to shopping centers on Broadway and Magnolia. In March 2021, the Pearland Parks and Recreation Department carried out an audit of its park's master plan to determine the city's priorities for the next capital investment plan. Some prominent features of the current plan include the construction of Phase 2 of the Shadow Creek Sports Complex and the replacement of playgrounds at Zolinski and Corrigan parks.

How to File an Unfair Business
Complaint in Pearland?

If you have been the victim of fraud or any other unfair business practice in Pearland, you can file a complaint with the Office of the Attorney General of Texas or the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). The TDLR handles complaints that relate to professionals licensed under it or reports of unlicensed activity from professionals who should be licensed. Reports concerning unlicensed activity should be made using the online complaint form provided specifically for that purpose. For complaints against professionals that are licensed by the TDLR, there is a separate complaint form that must also be completed. The TDLR can carry out disciplinary action against professionals licensed under it if it is determined that a violation has occurred. However, the agency may not be able to recover any money you may have lost.

You can also make complaints against businesses and professionals for fraud and unfair business practices by contacting the Office of the Attorney General of Texas through its Consumer Protection Division. You can file a complaint with the Division by calling its consumer protection hotline at (800) 621-0508. Alternatively, you can file your complaint online through the Consumer Complaint form provided by the Division for that purpose or by sending a completed downloadable complaint form to

  • Office of the Attorney General
  • Consumer Protection Division
  • P.O. Box 12548
  • Austin, TX 78711-2548

You should note that the Division cannot compel a business to respond to your complaint or provide restitution, nor can it represent you in a legal action or provide you with legal advice. After your complaint is received, an investigation is carried out and if it is noted that a particular business has continually engaged in illegal practices, a civil action may be initiated in the public interest. If you are unsatisfied after the conclusion of the complaint process, you can still proceed to a Pearland Small Claims Court to file an action against the business or professional.