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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Landscaper in the City of Dallas

A well executed landscape project can help your home sell faster or make your home the toast of the neighborhood. As a matter of fact, 94 out of every 100 realtors in Texas admit to advise homeowners to finance landscaping projects that will improve their home's curb appeal before listing the property for sale. However, before financing a landscape project in Dallas, ensure that the landscapers that you intend to hire are competent enough to complete a successful work. To avoid hiring the wrong landscape professional, endeavor to ask the following questions before you sign off on the contract:

Are You Licensed to Practice as a Landscaper in the City of Dallas?

Anyone who intends to provide landscape-related services in Dallas must obtain the appropriate license or registration for such work. Performing landscape-related services for which a license or registration is required without first obtaining the license or registration may attract fines and other statutory penalties for offenders. To avoid fines, landscape professionals should always confirm if there are licensing or registration requirements for the type of landscape work they want to do.

While most landscapers do not need a license to provide their services, professionals who wish to work as a landscape architect, pesticide applicator, or landscape irrigator must obtain the necessary license or registration for their services. To work as a landscape architect, interested persons must register with the Texas Board of Architectural Examiners (TBAE).

Note that a registration certificate is only issued to applicants that meet all the requirements that are applicable to either examination applications or reciprocity applications, and residents can confirm whether an individual is registered as a landscape architect using the TBAE find a professional tool. For more information concerning the requirements and processes for obtaining a landscape architect registration certificate call the TBAE at (512) 305-9000.

Similarly, to work as a pesticide applicator, interested persons must apply for and obtain the pesticide commercial and noncommercial applicator license from the Texas Department of Agriculture. The Texas Department of Agriculture issues pesticide commercial and noncommercial applicator licenses to applicants that have completed the application process satisfactorily. An application for a pesticide commercial and noncommercial applicator license can be submitted online or by downloading, completing, and mailing an application form to:

Texas Department of Agriculture
Licensing Department
P.O. Box 12076
Austin, TX 7811

Residents who intend to hire a pesticide applicator for landscape maintenance can confirm the individual's license status by calling the Texas Department of Agriculture at (877) 542-2474 or (512) 463-747.

Finally, to work as a landscape irrigator, interested persons are required to obtain a landscape irrigator license from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). Note that a landscape irrigator license can only be issued to an applicant that has completed the required training, submit a criminal history attestation, pass a state approved exam, pay an application fee of $111, and complete the TCEQ application.

Quarries concerning other requirements for obtaining a landscape irrigator license can be directed to the TCEQ by calling (512) 239-1000. You can confirm a landscape irragotor's license by utilizing the TCEQ landscape irrigator license search tool. In addition to a state-issued license, landscape irrigators are required to register as irrigation contractors with the city's Building Inspection Division. You can confirm a landscape irrigator registration with the Building Inspection Division by calling (214) 948-4480.

How Much Do You Charge Compared to Other Landscapers in the City of Dallas?

The hourly cost of hiring a landscaper in Dallas is generally influenced by the size of the lot, the scope of the work, and the amount of labor required to complete the work. However, landscapers in the city calculate the cost of their service using their preferred billing structure. Although most landscapers in Dallas utilize a billing structure that allows them to bill for their services on an hourly basis, some landscapers prefer to bill for their services either by calculating the area of land to be worked on or the cost of completing the entire project. Regardless of the estimated cost of completing the entire landscape project, it is crucial to compare estimates from different landscapers for any landscaping project. Comparing estimates from different landscapers will help you to know the average market price for the project you intend to carry out while ensuring that you do not overpay for the project.

A landscaper in Dallas earns an average wage of $34,290, annually. Listed in the table below is the cost comparison of the average hourly wages of landscaping and groundskeeping workers in Dallas against those of this category of individuals across the rest of Texas and other major American cities:

Dallas Landscapers Hourly Average Wage
Texas Landscapers Hourly Average Wage
New York City Landscapers Hourly Average Wage
Boston Landscapers Hourly Average Wage
Detroit Landscapers Hourly Average Wage
Chicago Landscapers Hourly Average Wage
Houston Landscapers Hourly Average Wage
Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Do You Comply With the City of Dallas Ordinance?

In Dallas, all landscape-related work shall be performed in compliance with the city's Landscape and Tree Preservation Regulations. Failure to comply with any of the requirements of the city's Landscape and Tree Preservation Regulations will lead to the imposition of a stop-work order on any premises where such landscaping activity is taking place.

To ensure that there is strict compliance to the city's landscaping regulations, residents of Dallas are advised to always hire a landscape professional that is conversant with the requirements of the city's Landscape and Tree Preservation Regulations. Some requirements of the city's landscaping regulations include the prohibition of artificial plant materials for landscaping, provision of automatic irrigation systems installed to comply with industry standards, and protection of planting areas from automobiles through the use of wheel stops, concrete curbs, or other permanent barriers.

For more information concerning the requirements of the city's Landscape and Tree Preservation Regulations, interested persons should contact the city's Building Inspection Division by calling (214) 948-4480.

Will You Get the Landscaping Permit Required As per the City of Dallas Code?

There are no landscaping-specific permits for landscape installation, maintenance, removal, or restoration in the City of Dallas. However, the City of Dallas mandatory requires residents to submit a landscape plan alongside their application for a building permit for any work performed on a lot that falls within the purview of section 51A-10.121 of the city's Landscape and Tree Preservation Regulations.

Failure to submit a landscape plan where it is required can lead to the dismissal of a building permit application by the Building Official. You can submit your landscape plan to the Building Official online, or in person at:

Building Inspection Division
Oak Cliff Municipal Center
302E. Jefferson Boulevard
Dallas, TX 75203

Note that landscape plans submitted in-person must consist of two blue line or blackline prints. In addition to your selected prints, the landscape plan must also have a scale of one inch equal to 50 feet or larger and be on a standard drawing sheet of a size not to exceed 36 inches by 48 inches.

Furthermore, a landscape plan will also include additional information like the name, address, and telephone number of the homeowner, location of existing boundary and dimension of the lot, description of plants materials to be used, and approximate centerlines of existing watercourses and the location of the floodplain before the plan can be considered complete.

However, the city's Building Official shall review the plan to determine whether it complies with the provisions in section 51A-10.125 of the city's Landscape and Tree Maintenance Regulations. Furthermore, the city's Building Official will also determine whether the plan meets all the minimum landscape design options described in section 51A-10.126 of the Landscape and Tree Maintenance Regulations before the decision to approve the plan is made.

To avoid submitting an incomplete plan, it is crucial to contact the Building Inspection Division and ask questions concerning the requirements and conditions governing the preparation and submission of landscape plans. You can do this by calling (214) 948-4480. Once the landscape plan has been reviewed and approved, and other building permit requirements have been met, applicants will be issued a building permit by the Building Inspection Division to commence work on the site.

In addition to submitting a landscape plan and obtaining a building permit for performing landscape work in their yard, residents of Dallas are additionally required to obtain a master permit for the installation of a lawn irrigation system that will be connected to the city's water supply. A master permit covers all types of work on a construction project, including the installation of a lawn sprinkler.

To obtain a master permit for the installation of a lawn sprinkler, applicants must submit a completed application form and two sets of plans drawn to a standard scale. The application form and all necessary drawing documents shall be submitted in person at:

Building Inspection Division
Oak Cliff Municipal Center
302E. Jefferson Boulevard
Dallas, TX 75203

All drawing documents submitted for review must have a minimum text size of 3/32 inch, and a minimum drawing sheet size of 11* 17. Note that installation of lawn sprinklers can only be performed by contractors licensed by the State of Texas as a lawn irrigation contractor and registered with the City of Dallas.

What Kind of Landscaping Services Do You Offer?

Landscapers in Dallas offer a variety of residential and commercial services to interested persons. These services may include common landscaping projects like landscape design, landscape installation, landscape maintenance, landscape removal, landscape relocation, and more specialized projects like xeriscape, softscaping, hardscaping, and plant health care.

Regardless of the type of services you need, you should ensure that the individual you intend to hire specializes in providing the particular service you want. Hiring a professional that specializes in providing the particular service you want guarantees great results, including improvement of your home's curb appeal. It also minimizes mistakes that are likely to result from incompetence.

To avoid hiring an incompetent hand to do your landscaping work, it is always good to ask the individual if they have obtained any qualification, certification, or registration related to the service you need. For example, landscape architects in Dallas must hold a registration certificate issued by the TBAE before they can provide their services. You should always ask for proof of qualification and make sure you verify the information.

Next, you should ask the landscaper for references containing pictures of similar jobs they did in the past and a means of contacting the individuals that paid for these jobs. Do not hesitate to contact the individuals to verify the information on the pictures.

Once all necessary information has been verified, you can now ask the individual to provide a work estimate detailing the type of work to be done and the amount of labor required to do the work. Listed below are cost estimates for common landscaping services in the City of Dallas:

Commercial landscape design
$42 - $90 per hour
Residential landscape design
$53.70 - $70.00 per hour
Residential Landscape architectural work
$73 - $95 per hour
Landscape installation
$34 - $60 per hour (labor only)
Landscape design
$85 - $150 per hour
Garden planning
$50 - $80 per hour
Lawn fertilization
$50 -$150
General Bed Maintenance/Detailing
$35 - $70
Spring/Fall clean-up
$83 - $270
$48 - $85 per hour
Lawn Irrigation system installations
$1600 - $3200
$90 - $150 per cubic yard
Leaf removal
$92 - $480
$1.17 - $2 per square foot
Weed control
$45 - $150

What Are the Best Type of Grass for Lawns in the City of Dallas?

The City of Dallas has a humid subtropical climate that is characterized by a wide temperature range and warm seasons that may last up to 249 days annually. Due to its humid subtropical climate, the Dallas area supports the growth of grains, small needle trees, shrubs, and grasses.

Although the City of Dallas climate supports the aforementioned plants, the constant alteration of the natural topography and vegetation in the process of developing most of the city has increased air temperature and accelerated the process of runoff, erosion, sedimentation, and other factors that may impede the growth of natural plants in the city.

To reduce the rate of air temperature and the occurrence of erosion and sedimentation, the city encouraged citizens to preserve and enhance natural resources and vegetative space around them by embracing the city's Landscaping and Tree Maintenance Regulations. More so, the City of Dallas has outlined a list of plants, especially grasses that are not only good for landscape but also useful in stabilizing the environment's ecological balance. Some of these grasses include:

  • Buffalo grass
  • St Augustine grass
  • Zoysia grass
  • Bermuda grass

Per the requirements of the Landscaping and Tree Maintenance Regulations, residents of Dallas are allowed to hire planters as long as the soil requirements in section 51A-10.104 are met. However, residents are advised to consult professional landscapers before planting these grasses in their yard. Interested persons can find professional landscapers on professional organizations' directories such as the National Association of Landscape Professionals and third-party websites such as Better Business Bureau, Google Review, and Yelp.

Regardless of how you come in contact with the professional, it is always important to confirm their qualification, license, and registration. For example, you can confirm a landscape architect's registration status using the TBAE find a professional tool.

Do You Carry the Necessary Insurance Policy for Landscapers in the City of Dallas?

In Dallas, there are no specific-landscaping insurance requirements for professional landscapers. However, anyone performing landscape-related work as a contractor in the city must hold an insurance policy indicating the City of Dallas as a certificate holder.

This insurance policy will cover events such as bodily injury, property damage, and death. To avoid bearing the financial liabilities associated with the aforementioned events, residents of Dallas are advised to always hire a landscape professional that is insured.

Hiring an individual that is insured is important because landscape professionals often come in contact with chemicals, machines, and harsh harsh weather conditions that may affect their health and even lead to death. Furthermore, it is estimated that over 143,000 persons in the US get injured during landscaping-related activities every year due to the nature of the job.

While work injuries can not be eliminated, residents can minimize the effect of such occurrences by confirming that the landscape professional they intend to hire is insured. Residents can confirm the insurance status of their landscape professional by asking for the individual's insurance certificate and verifying from the insurance company that issued the certificate.

How To File a Complaint Against a Bad Landscaper in the City of Dallas

In a report published by the Consumer Sentinel Network, the State of Texas recorded over 238, 251 consumer fraud reports in 2020. These consumer fraud reports include all the home improvement scam reports across Texas, including the City of Dallas.

In Texas, a single homeowner can lose thousands of dollars to fraudulent contractors for home improvement work ranging from structural work to exterior improvement such as landscaping and tree maintenance. For example, in January 2018, citizens of the state got scammed by a landscape contractor who appeared in front of their door and offered to add fresh mulch in their yard. One of the victims reported that the fraudulent contractor increased the cost of the work to $1200 despite agreeing verbally to do the work for $250.

Residents of Dallas must understand that fraudulent Landscapers will often appear in front of their doors and try to sell them landscape services at cheaper prices. It is important that you ask the individual to give you enough time to make a decision on hiring them. Even if you are in urgent need of their services, the State's Attorney General has warned that scammers are aware that citizens need home improvement services and they will try every available means to exploit the situation.

Residents of Dallas can avoid falling victims to landscape-related scams by taking the following steps:

  • Avoid hiring door-to-door landscape professionals
  • Be wary of individuals that utilize high-pressure sales tactics and landscape professionals that do not have a physical business location
  • Avoid hiring landscape professionals that do not have a qualification, certification, or license and always make sure that you confirm the status of the qualification or license by contacting the agency that issued them
  • Always check Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been filed against the Landscaper before finalizing any agreement with them
  • Always get estimates from more than one Landscaper for your job
  • Ask the Landscaper to provide references of similar jobs they did in the past and a means to verify them
  • Get a written contracts and make sure it covers all necessary details of the job
  • Do not pay more than one-third of the total work price as upfront payment

Landscape-related scams in Dallas can be reported to the Consumer Protection Division of the Texas Attorney General's Office. Residents of Dallas can submit scam complaints online, by calling (800) 621-0508, or by mailing a completed Consumer Complaint Form to:

Office of the Attorney General
Consumer Protection Division
P.O. Box 12548
Austin, TX 78711-2548

Furthermore, if you get scammed by a landscape architect, you can report the matter to the TBAE by completing and mailing a complaint form to:

Texas Board of Architectural Examiners
Investigations Division
P.O. Box 12337
Austin, TX 78711-233

Likewise, you can report allegations of fraud involving a licensed landscape irrigator to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality by calling (877) 901- 0700.

Note that reporting a fraudulent landscape professional to any of the aforementioned agencies is not a guarantee that the individual will pay for all the damages they did to you. If you want the individual to pay for damages, you can file a civil action against such person at any Dallas County Justice of Peace Court. However, residents are advised to consult their attorney before filing a civil action against a fraudulent landscape contractor.