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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Handyman in Dallas City

In Dallas City, hiring a handyman for simple house repairs at $20.14 per hour saves you up to $3 when compared to hiring a general contractor for the same work. While it may be more cost effective to hire a handyman for minor house repairs, you should not overlook the importance of hiring a competent and experienced professional.

As a result, you should always ask the following questions before concluding any deal with the handyman:

Are You Licensed To Practice as a Handyman in Dallas City?

In Dallas City, there are no specific local or state occupational licensing requirements for handymen. However, if a handyman wants to work on specific systems, such as plumbing, electrical, fire sprinklers, or HVAC systems, they will need to obtain specific professional licenses from the proper state agencies.

Furthermore, if a handyman wishes to execute home repairs as a contractor in Dallas City, they must first get a home repair license from the city's Department of Code Compliance.

Performing a home repair as a contractor without first acquiring a home repair license is an offence that is punishable by a fine of up to $500, according to § 50-143 of the Dallas City Code.

Except for minor repairs, it is always a good idea to ask your handyman if a home repair license is required before they begin working on your job.

You can contact the Department of Code Compliance to confirm if the type of home repair you wish to do can be performed by a handyman. You can also call the Department to discover if the handyman you are considering hiring has a home repair license.

For additional information about home repairs that can be done by a handyman and home repair licensees in the city, contact the city's Department of Code Compliance at (214) 670 5708.

Having verified that your home repair can be executed by a handyman, the next thing to do is to check if the individual you are planning to hire has met the appropriate business regulations in the city. Everyone who provides services in the city must comply with the city's business regulations.

Therefore, when hiring a handyman for your work, always ensure that the individual or firm has met the applicable business regulations in the city. You can ask your handyman to show proof of business registration before signing any agreement with them.

It is important to note that the city's acceptable business regulations for service providers are usually defined by their organizational structure.

0For example, handyman services that are structured as sole proprietorships and general partnerships in the city are required to register at the local level with the Dallas County Clerk's Office, while handyman services that are incorporated, limited liability companies must register at the Texas Secretary of State's Office.

Handyman service that wants to file a local business registration can do so online or by downloading, completing and submitting a Certificate of Ownership for Unincorporated Business or Profession Form to the Dallas County Clerk's Office at:

500 Elm Street
Suite 2100
Dallas, TX 75202o

On the other hand, handyman service that want to file a state level registration can do so online via the Texas Secretary of State's SOSDirect platform. Note that registrants will have to create a user profile before they can be allowed to utilize this platform.

Registrants who do not wish to use the SOSDirect platform can complete, and submit two copies of an Assumed Name Certificate Form to:

Secretary of State
P.O. Box 13697
Austin, TX 78711-3697

For more information concerning handyman service business licenses contact the Dallas County Clerk's Office at (214) 653-7110 or (214) 653-7099 and the Texas Secretary of State's Office at (512) 463-5555.

How Much Do You Charge Compared to Handymen in Dallas City?

The cost of retaining the services of a handyman in Dallas City varies depending on a number of factors.

These factors include the nature of the project, the time of the year, the amount of time it will take to complete the project, and the amount of manpower needed to complete the job.

Since each handyman considers the aforementioned factors before billing for their services, it is always good to get a second opinion before signing any agreement with anyone.

You should always get and compare written estimates from multiple handymen, before choosing the best handyman for the project.

Comparing prices from different handymen will ensure that you do not pay more than the average market price for your project.

Dallas handymen earn an average wage of $41,890 annually. Listed below are the cost comparison of average hourly wages of handymen and other general maintenance and repair workers in Dallas City with those of workers in this industry across the State of Texas and major American cities:

Dallas City Handyman Average Hourly Wage
Texas Handyman Average Hourly Wage
San Diego Handyman Average Hourly Wage
New York City Handyman Average Hourly Wage
Phoenix Handyman Average Hourly Wage
Houston Handyman Average Hourly Wage
Chicago Handyman Average Hourly Wage
Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Do You Require a Permit To Complete This Work in Dallas City?

In Dallas City, anyone who intends to add to, repair, install, remove, improve, or maintain a building or a building service equipment must first obtain a masters permit from the city's Building Inspection Office via its permit center.

However, per the requirements of Chapter 52, section 301b of the Dallas City Code, it is not every home improvement or construction related work that requires a permit in the city. Common home improvement work that can be performed without a permit include:

  • Stopping of leaks in pipes, drains or plumbing fixtures provided that the repair does not require replacement or rearrangement of valves, pipes, or fixtures
  • Adding of storm windows, awnings, trims, and shutters to a building
  • Erection of fences that are not more than four feet high in a front yard
  • Re-roofing of a single family or duplex dwellings when the value of the work does not exceed $500
  • Construction of decks, driveways, and platforms not more than 30 inches above grade and over any basement

If the home improvement work that you seek is not exempted from permitting then you must ensure that your handyman obtains a permit for the work. Home improvement workers can obtain a master permit for a project online, but before they can use the online portal, each handyman will be required to create a user profile with their email and a unique password.

Once the profile has been created and confirmed, the handyman can then complete the documentation form, upload the necessary plans and other relevant documents, and pay the permit fee.

Note that before issuing a permit to the applicant, the Building Inspection Office will conduct a preliminary evaluation as well as a plan review.

A preliminary evaluation is carried out to ensure that all required papers have been submitted and that the plans were formatted correctly. On the other hand, a plan review is performed to confirm that the applicant's proposals comply with the Dallas Development Code.

The Building Inspection Office will issue the permit to the applicant once all of the essential checks have been done, the plan review has been completed, and the plans have been approved.

Note that a permit can also be obtained in person if the permit is for re-roofing, foundation repair, or constructing a fence on an interior lot only. Applicants can take the necessary documents and plans to:

Building Inspection Office
Permit Center
Oak Cliff Municipal Center
320 East. Jefferson Boulevard
Room 118
Dallas, TX 75203

For more information concerning the requirements and procedures for obtaining a home improvement work permit in Dallas City call (214) 948-4480.

What Works Can You Do Legally as a Handyman in Dallas City?

In Dallas City, the major difference between a handyman and a construction contractor is that contractors are mandatorily required to register with the Building Inspection Office before they can operate, whereas handymen are not.

Handymen in Dallas City can operate without a license or registration provided that the services they are providing does not involve a major electrical, plumbing, mechanical issue, or any home improvement work that must be done by a licensed professional.

Services that a handyman can provide legally in the city include, but are not limited to, addition of trim or siding, artwork hanging, cabinet repair, drain unclogging, and gutter cleaning.

Even though handymen do not require a license or registration before they can execute the aforementioned projects in the city, it is always good to hire a handyman who is experienced in providing the type of service you seek.

Hiring an experienced handyman will not only prevent you from financial responsibilities that may arise as a result of ineptitude, but it will also ensure that you get the value for your money.

Outlined below are cost estimates for some of the services that handymen in Dallas City offer:

Driveway sealing
$65 - $200
Drywall repair
$100 - $350
Artwork hanging
$45 - $150
Cabinet repair
$100 - $420
Drain unclogging
$60 - $150
Electrical appliance installation
$100 - $190
Faulty fixture repair/replacement
$65 - $200
Gutter cleaning
$90 - $400
Home childproofing
$120- $400
Lawn care/landscaping maintenance
$45 - $300
Patio/deck painting
$170 - $450
Snow removal
$45 - $200
TV mounting
$40 - $150
Residential handyman services
$57 - $105 per hour (labor only)
Commercial handyman services
$61 - $150 per hour (labor only)

Do You Carry the Necessary Insurance Policy for Handymen in Dallas City?

In Dallas City, there are no specific-insurance requirements for handymen. However, it is always in your best interest to ensure that the person you are planning to hire for home renovation work has insurance coverage.

Hiring a handyman that is carrying the appropriate insurance policies protects you from potential financial responsibilities that may develop as a consequence of accidents, property damage, or bodily injury that occur during the course of your work.

The fact that many general maintenance and repair workers, including handymen suffer from both fatal and nonfatal work injuries annually while providing their services across the country is enough reason to ensure that your handyman is insured.

In 2020 alone, general maintenance and repair workers suffered 70 fatal work-related injuries and 23,400 nonfatal work-related injuries. To avoid being held liable for these injuries, always ask your handyman if they have active general liability insurance and, if they have employees, ask if they have workers' compensation insurance.

You can confirm if your handyman has general liability insurance by asking for their insurance certificate and contacting the insurance company that issued the certificate.

Likewise, you can confirm if your handyman has active workers' compensation insurance by contacting the Texas Department of insurance Division of Workers' Compensation Insurance at (800) 253-7031.

How To File a Complaint Against a Bad Handyman in Dallas

Home improvement projects not only increase the comfort you will get in your home, but also its market value. While it is a good idea to take on these kinds of projects, homeowners should always double check the home improvement contractor they intend to hire before agreeing to anything.

This is crucial if they want to avoid losing their money to fraudulent individuals posing as legitimate home improvement workers, as there are many unscrupulous individuals attempting to steal from homeowners who are in need of home repair in Dallas City.

In August 2016, a fake handyman was arrested for defrauding an elderly woman in the city. According to the Dallas Morning News, the handyman charged the victim $39,000 for a $100 duct tape job.

Unfortunately, there are several other cases of home improvement scams in the city. Residents of Dallas City can avoid falling for home improvement scams by doing the following:

  • Avoid door-to-door solicitors trying to sell their services using high-pressure tactics
  • Get recommendations from family, friends, and neighbors who have a trusted handyman
  • Always get and compare multiple estimates from different handymen before choosing the best
  • Do not assume the lowest bidder is the best for the job
  • Ask the handyman to provide details and evidence of jobs they have done in the past
  • Ensure that the handyman gets a home repair license for the job where necessary
  • Double check the individual on third-party websites like the Better Business Bureau
  • Always insist on a written contract for the work
  • Ensure that your handyman obtains the appropriate permit for the job where necessary
  • Always discuss the most favorable payment option for you before signing any agreement
  • Do not pay more than one-third of the total home improvement work price upfront

If you suspect a home improvement scam, do not hesitate to file a complaint with the Dallas City Department of Code Compliance Consumer Protection Unit. You can report a fraudulent home improvement worker to the Unit by calling (214) 948-4351. Note that the phone line is available Monday through Friday between 8.00 AM to 5.00 PM.

Similarly, home improvement scams in Dallas City can be reported to the Swindle Squad Unit of the Dallas City Police Department. Victims of home improvement scams in the city can download, complete, and mail a swindle complaint form to:

Swindle Squad
1400 South. Lamar Street
Dallas, TX 75215

You can also report these types of scams to the Texas State Office of the Attorney General. You can do so by downloading, completing, and mailing a consumer complaint form to:

Office of the Attorney General
Consumer Protection Division
P.O. Box 12548
Austin, TX 78711-2548

It is important to note that reporting a home improvement scam to any of these agencies does not guarantee that you will recover all you lost to the home improvement worker. If you seek full monetary compensation from the home improvement worker, you should file a civil action against them in an appropriate court. Matters involving a total amount of $10,000 or less can be filed as small claims at:

Justice of Peace Courts
Precinct 1, Place 1
8301 South
Suite 2000
Dallas, TX 75232

However, it is very crucial to seek the advice of an attorney before deciding on the type of matter to file in a court.