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How to Verify a Professional's License in Beaumont?

Professional licenses are generally a prerequisite for individuals who intend to offer professional services in Beaumont. Therefore, it is recommended that residents of Beaumont confirm a professional's license before engaging these individuals. The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) regulates several professionals through the issuance of more than 30 license types to qualified individuals, and residents can confirm a professional's license by utilizing the TDLR online license search portal. To make inquiries or request assistance regarding the verification a professional's license in Beaumont, residents can contact the TDLR at (512) 463-6599 or (800) 803-9202.

Besides ensuring that you confirm the license of a professional before engaging their services, it is crucial to follow citywide rules related to your project. For instance, a contractor must get a building permit before commencing home improvement or construction-related activities in Beaumont. The city's Department of Planning and Community Development (DPCD) issues building permits through its Building Codes Division. Residents can email this Division or contact the DPCD Director's Office at (409) 880-3100 for inquiries regarding building permits.

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Do Beaumont Neighborhood Councils
Issue Permits?

Although Beaumont consists of several neighborhoods, these neighborhoods are segmented into four wards. To ensure every neighborhood receives due consideration during city government deliberations, residents of each ward elect a representative to the Beaumont City Council. The City Council is in charge of the city government, and it is made up of the City Mayor, four Council Members representing the four wards in Beaumont, and two Council Members that are elected at large by residents across the city. The City Council performs governmental functions, such as adopting city budgets and creating city laws, to improve the city's growth and quality of life.

Note that the Beaumont City Council does not issue permits for construction-related activities within the city. However, in performing its governmental duties, the City Council may vote on matters that involve construction and other related matters, such asneighborhood zoning. For example, in April 2021, the City Council had to consider an application from a chemical plant company to rezone parts of the city from light manufacturing use to heavy industrial use. Although the rezoning is expected to attract companies to the city and possibly improve local employment, the City Council considered whether such industrial activity is best for the city ultimately. Also, the City Council has approved the demolition of an AT&T building close to the Neches River. However, there is still deliberation regarding how to use the vacant land and any infrastructural exclusions or remnants resulting from the demolition.

How Do You File an Unfair Business
Complaint in Beaumont?

Beaumont operates and maintains a 311 service that residents can utilize to make inquiries regarding the city's local government services and processes. Interested parties can utilize this service to inquire about how to file an unfair business complaint in Beaumont by dialing 311.

Alternatively, residents of Beaumont can file unfair business complaints directly with the Texas Attorney General (AG) Office. The AG Office receives and addresses such complaints through its Consumer Protection Division (CPD), and interested parties can file a complaint by filling an online form or by mail. To file a complaint by mail, residents must fill a hardcopy complaint form, which the CPD provides in English or Spanish, and send the completed form to

  • Office of the Attorney General
  • Consumer Protection Division
  • P.O. Box 12548
  • Austin, TX 78711-2548

When you submit an unfair business complaint with the CPD, the Division will perform an investigation and take necessary measures to help you address it. Note that the CPD or the Texas AG Office will not act as your personal representative when addressing your complaint, and all actions that they take are done in the public's interest. Therefore, you may not get any personal reimbursements. If you seek reimbursement, you can claim damages against the relevant business or professional by filing a small claims case. Such cases are typically filed at any of the Jefferson County Justice of the Peace Court Precincts in Beaumont, and you generally cannot claim more than $20,000. It is advisable to seek legal advice from a qualified attorney before filing any court actions.